Cannon Beach Getaways

North End - Park And View The Sunset

Cannon Beach North End Views

Above: View from the bench located at 7th and Oak street.

If you want to watch the sunset, but not get sand in your shoes... and not even get out of your car, there is a place for you. This is also an excellent spot for whale watching (bring binoculars).

Cannon Beach Parking

This spot gets a lot of traffic from surfers. When the surf is good, it can be difficult to find a parking spot. But, for non-surfing visitors to Cannon Beach, this one is definitely a unique get-away with great views, plus easy access to the north beach.

As you go up Oak street there are designated parking spots. The one shown here (looking south) provides three spots, all of which provide a view of the ocean and sunset.

You may also park on the side of the road on Oak street, near the Oak street -- 7th Street intersection. The view from your car will be blocked by trees and homes, but there is a bench here with an outstanding view.

A path, from the Oak street -- 7th street intersection, provides access to the beach.

To get here, head west on 5th street. Turn right on N. Hemlock street, you'll be heading north. Turn left on West 6th street, and you'll be going west. Turn right on N. Laurel street, once again going north. Turn left on West 7th street. Go west two blocks and you'll come to the intersection of 7th and Oak. Turn right on Oak and go uphill until you find a parking spot.

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